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Remote Node

The Remote Nodes are organised into four different categories based on the level of health services required for any specific section of the population:-

  1. mHealth4u Back-Pack-Suitable to extend healthcare services through individuals travelling on foot, bicycle, motor-bike, cart, bus, boat or through any public transport to the interiors, remote areas, forests, mountains, islands, isolated population, flood/drought/land-slide or any other natural calamity affected areas.
  2. mHealth4u Suite Case- Suitable to extend healthcare services in Ambulances, Trains, Aeroplanes, Ships, War-front, Schools, Offices, Factories, Departmental stores, Public buildings, Housing societies, accident sites, aerial dropping in case of natural calamities and for personalised home healthcare kit for chronic patients or for health conscious families to do regular preventive checks of Vital signs.
  3. mHealth4u Kiosk- Suitable for Primary Health Centres, Clinics, Hospitals, Corporate houses, Insurance companies, Star Hotels, Resorts, Health Clubs, Airports, Railway Stations, Dockyards, Shopping Malls, Integrated townships, Gated communities, Military installations, large Factories, Retail healthcare businesses.
  4. mHealth4u Van- Suitable for Emergency operations, accident management, Public safety organisations, Hospitals, Police, Military, Remote townships, Large Construction sites, Mines, Healthcare businesses.

The epidemiologic data of WHO suggests that Respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases represent over 50% chronic care visits to healthcare providers. Therefore the following minimum equipment can cater to majority of the population and is thus deployed in all of our Remote Nodes.

  1. ECG, Pulse Oximeter, BP, Glucometer, Thermometer, Spiro meter, Stethoscope
  2. CureSoft application software Client license & media
  3. Video Conferencing hardware/software license
  4. Small size Laptop with web camera, microphone and Windows OS.

Data Card (Not part of the kit but required through the internet service provider)

The solution consists of the three different types of nodes:

  1. Remote Node – For Field health workers / Para-medics / Community centres
  2. Doctor Node – For to Consultants / Hospitals / Clinics / Medical practitioners
  3. Server Node – Any single location to which remote nodes & doctor nodes shall be connected




Backpack Model

Suitcase Model