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Research Papers

1. mHealth Tool Kit for Low Resource Countries; UN/ Islamic Republic of Iran  Regional Workshop on the use of Space Technology for Human Health Improvement; Iran, 23-26 October 2011.

2. Evolution of Mobile eHealth Technology, Tools, Practices in India; S.K. Mishra; Workshop on Space technology for public health actions in the context of climate change adoption; Montreal, Canada,19-21 June 2011.

3. Mobile e-Health Country Need Assessment and Feasibility Study; S.K. Mishra, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Mission; Nepal, 24th May – 8th June 2011

4. mHealth4U®: Convergence of ICT & Mobile Technologies for Rural healthcare delivery; Repu Daman, Indra Pratap Singh, Saroj Kanta Mishra; 7th International Conference on E-Governance (ICEG-2010), IIM Bangalore; 22 - 24 April 2010.

5. mHealth for Development: The opportunity of mobile technology for healthcare; S.K. Mishra; Innovations in Healthcare Management & Informatics Pre- & Post-Conference Workshops;Singapore, 8-11 February 2010.

6. mHealth: Opportunity & Challenges in Developing Countries; S.K. Mishra, ITU; Nepal

7. mHealth: A Developing Country Perspective; Singh I.P, Mishra, S.K.; Making the eHealth connection; Bellagio, Italy; 13 July-8 August 2008

8. Chronology of Development of Mobile Telemedicine in India; S.K. Mishra; Healthcom2007;Taipai, Taiwan; 19-22 June 2007.


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